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Clicks for water, water for life

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  • February 17, 2016
  • Egypt



UNICEF Egypt's first Clickfunding campaign to provide 1,000 water connections to households in Upper Egypt.  The Campaign will be launched on UNICEF Egypt and Bassita's social media outlets. Photo: Campaign's Ambassador Actor Maged el-Kedwany


To be able to achieve a great cause, you need to have a very special tool; in this case, it was the Clickfunding model.

The model allows web users to become active contributors and good-doers effortlessly with a click of their e-mice! Clickfunding connects between positive initiatives, sponsors, and active web users through a simple equation of adding web visibility and monetary assistance to achieve successful causes. Each Clickfunding campaign is a new opportunity to help!


Target: 1.5 million points

Goal: 1,000 water connections for UNICEF's "Water for Life''


Around 7 million Egyptians are living without water connections, a reality that might seem surreal to many of us. UNICEF and Rotary's ''Water for Life,'' initiative aims to decrease that number through providing safe and clean water connections to residents of Sohag, Minya, and Assuit.

With just 1.5 million points, web users can provide 1,000 water connections to households in Upper Egypt. Sponsors have dedicated  financial assistance to "Water for life," in exchange to web visibility. So web users become the real changemakers!


The  campaign's video starring prominent actor Maged el-Kedwany and directed by multi-awarded filmmaker Amr Salama feature a harsh reality in a noble way. The story of children who are unable to believe in magic until it can bring them clean water.  

Who thought that web clicks can create such a difference?  A simple act that costs nothing can transform into real money that goes to the fulfillment of significant causes.  "This very special partnership with UNICEF proves once again that the Clickfunding model can change the world. More than one million people are giving their clicks to help those who do not have access to water! Yes, our clicks count," Alban de Ménonville, Bassita's Co-founder, commented.



 Each view or interaction on the campaign's video or posts creates points:


  • One view = one point
  • One like = two points 
  • One share or retweet = three points
  • One comment or tweet  = five points


The main sponsors of "Water for Life,'' are Wadi Degla Holding and SC Johnson. The secondary sponsors are Careem Chauffeur Services, Kora Bora, and Hilton Worldwide. 


UNICEF Egypt has been working on promoting water, sanitation, and hygiene sectors in Egypt and witnessing results since 2007.  UNICEF partnered with the Holding Company for Water and Wastewater (HCWW) and local authorities, to focus on providing safe water directly in the homes of the most deprived families, and also on raising awareness about hygiene and environmental-friendly practices.


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