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10 instruments given to the children of Darb Al Ahmar Art School


Every 2,000 points, one more instrument is given

#Share_the_Good_Vibes is a unique clickfunding campaign that provides children with their own personal instrument, which gives them the opportunity to rehearse whenever they want and to master the art of music.

59 children are learning music at the Darb Al Ahmar Art School, but very few have their own instruments. The instruments are provided by the school, and must remain in the school to be shared among all the children. As a result, students cannot rehearse at home or during holidays when the school is closed.  

Directed by Amir El Shenawy and Ahmed Fathy Abdelsalam, the clickfunding campaign is a vibrant homage to the school and its students but also to the vibrant neighbourhood of Darb Al Ahmar. Saxophones, clarinets, djembes, tablas and congas will be offered to the most talented students of DAAS.

About Darb Al Ahmar Art School

DAAS aims to provide arts education to children and young adults in Cairo’s Darb Al-Ahmar district. Their missions is to widen the spectrum of future employment opportunities and combat side effects of unemployment among young adults in the district.  At the same time, they give culturally underserved youth an opportunity to explore creative expression and discover their artistic talent through training and performance. The project also raises awareness about the value and community-building capacities of arts education and its potential contribution to development of cultural tourism in the district.


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