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Education for 1,100 children in Upper Egypt through Community Schools


Every 200,000 points 100 kids will go to school

Be a part of this campaign and help us provide education to children in Upper Egypt!
For the very first time Misr El Kheir is using the Clickfunding model to bring education to 1,100 children living in Upper Egypt.
Up to 20 million are left out of the schooling system in Egypt, and with your help we can begin to change that! Clickfunding makes helping as simple as clicking your mouse or tapping your screen.
Your clicks help to generate points while giving our sponsors visibility for their positive actions. For every 200,000 points generated, the sponsors provide funds for 100 kids to go to school. This continues until the overall target of 2,2 million points is reached, turning the campaign’s goal of education for 1,100 kids into a reality. In other words your clicks are transforming into donations!
Wherever you see the hashtag and logo for #Clickscount on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Youtube accounts you can be sure that you clicks and interactions will be registered as points for the campaign.
Every click is appreciated, but some clicks are even more valuable than others. Here’s a breakdown on how many points each type of click provides:
 1 view gives 1 point
1 like or favorite gives 2 points
1 share/retweet gives 3 points
1 comment gives 5 points
Supporting the cause (sharing this page) provides 10 points
You can also donate points by registering on our website and interacting with the campaign. Any share, retweet or like will give you points that you can give back to the campaign.
More about Clickfunding:
 Clickfunding is a game of matching projects and causes with sponsors that are able to fund the causes in exchange for web visibility. This visibility of course comes from the Clickfunding community on social media that interact with the campaigns, and in the process see all the organizations involved in the cause. A successful Clickfunding campaign is a win-win situation for everyone involved, users are empowered to contribute to positive causes, organizations are able to achieve their goals, sponsors attain visibility, and on the ground level peoples’ lives are positively impacted and changed by the campaign’s results.

More about ‘Education for All’
Upper Egypt currently faces the lowest human development rates in the country, due to poverty and harsh living conditions. An important step toward changing these conditions is bringing education to its children, the young generation that will someday become the region’s leaders and innovators. Education gives people the capability to empower themselves, to understand their issues, and be able to bring the change they need. It does not immediately solve all the region’s problems, but it creates the path to be able to do so.
To start helping now take a look for yourself, and share with your friends! Register to our site, and like our social media pages ‘Bassita’ and ‘The Clickfunding’ to stay on top of all campaign posts and updates.

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