Warmer Winter

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20,000 Families will be provided with warm clothes, blankets, food and equipment to build roofs through delivery trucks


For 2,5 million points, 20,000 families will be provided with warm clothes, blankets, food and equipment

Egyptian Food Bank uses Clickfunding to
 deliver trucks of food, clothes, and shelter aid to 20,000 families all over Egypt this winter

‘Warmer Winter’
Egypt has around 5.3% of its population who live in utter poverty, with a very trivial income to survive each month. Those people are in need of all the help they can get and that is why the Egyptian food bank decided to use the Clickfunding model as an effective and interactive method to offer some help to those in need, especially in this harsh cold winter and it’s all thanks to you!

What Clickfunding do, is that it basically puts you in charge; through a simple click or tap, either by liking, commenting or sharing the campaigns’ video you are in fact actively contributing to this campaign. It couldn’t get any easier, doing good from the very comfort of your seat!
This campaigns’ overall target is 2.5 million points to help 20,000 families through delivering trucks loaded with warm clothes for women, men and children, along with blankets and shoes. The trucks will also carry food like rice, beans, cheese and sugar in addition to equipment to help build and fix roofs for those 20,000 families who don’t have one. And finally, a variety of medicinal supplies accompanied by volunteer doctors to diagnose and preform much needed operations. Forevery 125 points the campaign’s sponsors will be able to help one more family in need.It all depends on you and this is how it works:

1 view = 1 point
1 like = 2 points
1 share/retweet  = 3 points
1 comment = 5 points
You can also donate points by registering on our website and interacting with the campaign. Any share, retweet or like will give you points that you can give back to the campaign. Wherever you see the hashtag and logo for #Clickfunding on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Youtube, you can be sure that your clicks and interactions will be registered as points for the campaign.
To sum it up, the more you interact (like, share or comment) the more points the video makes which will be converted into real money to help real people. See how much difference your click can make!
More about The Winter Campaign:
The Egyptian food bank and all it’s sister banks, Clothing Bank, Cure Bank and Decent life Bankwill attempt to help people during this rough winter, not only with warm clothes but also with food and shelter aid all over the country, from small villages that most people never heard of to people who maybe living in the heart of Cairo whom are suffering as well and maybe too proud to ask for help. The goal is to offer this well-rounded campaign to as many people as possible.
More about Clickfunding:
Clickfunding is a game of matching projects and causes with sponsors that are able to fund the causes in exchange for web visibility. This visibility of course comes from the Clickfunding community on social media that interact with the campaigns, and in the process see all the organizations involved in the cause. A successful Clickfunding campaign is a win-win situation for everyone involved, users are empowered to contribute to positive causes, organizations are able to achieve their goals, sponsors attain visibility, and on the ground level peoples’ lives are positively impacted and changed by the campaign’s results.
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