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Promoting social cohesion in Ard El Lewa


For every 100,000 points, 100,000 EGP go to Safarni

Safarni is supporting social cohesion in an area where migrants and Egyptians are still learning how to live together. Ard El Lewa is a neighborhood in Cairo that has recently experienced a sharp increase in migrant inhabitants.  According to the International Organization for Migration, approximately 75 000 migrants now live in Ard El Lewa.

On-the-ground workshops will target 180 children and their parents, from both migrant and host (Egyptian) communities.  Throughout the workshops children will

experience Safarni’s simulated travel adventures, to discover cultures from around the world.

They will also connect with migrant neighbors through interactive group projects and cultural exchange; resulting in intercultural dialogue, friendships, understanding and cohesion.

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For every 100,000 points, 100,000 EGP (6,000 USD) go to Safarni.
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This year-long implementation is made possible with the support of Drosos Foundation, IOM (the UN Migration Agency), as well as the French Institute in Egypt; who all believe in the importance of supporting diversity and coexistence.


About Safarni:

Safarni designs and implements innovative intercultural programs where children connect with diverse people from around the world, as a path to appreciate diversity in all its forms! Safarni does this by facilitating events which allow children to meet and immerse themselves in different cultures, without ever having to leave their neighborhoods. At the end of the program, children can chose to become Ambassadors of Diversity in their communities. Research shows that Safarni's workshops increase openness to diversity as well as knowledge of other cultures.



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