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Making all surrounding of Cairo University accessible


For every 100,000 points, 200,000 EGP go to Helm Foundation

Ismail, 22 years old, is a wheelchair user who studies at the Faculty of Law at Cairo University.
He lives in Sharkia Governorate and has to make the trip to the Cairo University’s Student Hostel each week, and from there to the University itself in order to be able to attend his lectures.

Ismail faces many obstacles starting from the minute he leaves his house till he reaches the University; he has to go through an inaccessible train station, where someone has to help him get into the station, get on the train, and get off the train.
As for his daily trip to the University, he has two options, either to go a very long way to be able to cross the street to the other side, or to cross in the opposite direction of the cars as this is shorter.

But things are changing. Helm Foundation is tackling mobility challenges with an innovative approach. « It’s about ability » as their slogan says.

One year ago, Drosos Foundation decided to support the first clickfunding campaign created to challenge mobility issues. 
Thanks to this clickfunding campaign, we have the ability to change things for the better. Our goal ? Make all surrounding of Cairo University accessible because its’ not only about the sidewalks, it’s about giving access to knowledge to everyone.
The money collected will fund Egypt’s first tactile blocks for the visually impaired. Funds will also be allocated for the design and implementation of entrances, tactile routes and furniture to aid persons with visual or physical impairments on their journey to and from the university. Curbs, street intersection and bus routes will be redesigned according to international accessibility standards.
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For every 100,000 points, 200,000 EGP (11k USD) go to Helm Foundation.
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