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Creation of a Makerspace in Suez to support innovation


Every 10,000 points, Shamsia receives 10,000EGP for its Makerspace

Nahdet El Mahrousa is using the clickfunding model to create a Makerspace in Suez, Egypt .A makerspace is a collaborative workspace with high-quality technological tools (3D printer, laser cutters, etc) that individuals, entrepreneurs or organizations can access to work, or prototype their ideas.
Supporting innovation amongst the Egyptian youth is of the utmost importance in order to empower a generation that may one day compete in the global tech market. With your help we can bring the Makerspace to Shamsia Space in Suez, all you need to do is click!
Your clicks help to generate points while giving our sponsor, Arabian Cement Company, visibility for their positive actions. We need 50,000 points to fulfill the campaign’s impact.
Wherever you see the hashtag #clickfunding on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Youtube accounts you can be sure that your clicks and interactions will be registered as points for the campaign.
Every click is appreciated, but some clicks are even more valuable than others. Here’s a breakdown on how many points each type of click provides:
 1 view gives 1 point
1 like or favorite gives 2 points
1 share/retweet gives 3 points
1 comment gives 5 points
You can also generate points by registering on our website and interacting with the campaign through the newly added ‘donate points’ feature. Any share, retweet or like will give you points that you can give back to the campaign when logged into your profile.
More about clickfunding:
 clickfunding is a game of matching projects and causes with sponsors that are able to fund the causes in exchange for web visibility. This visibility of course comes from the clickfunding community on social media that interact with the campaigns, and in the process see all the organizations involved in the cause. A successful clickfunding campaign is a win-win situation for everyone involved, users are empowered to contribute to positive causes, organizations are able to achieve their goals, sponsors attain visibility, and on the ground level peoples’ lives are positively impacted and changed by the campaign’s results.

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