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Target: 100,000 points Impact: 1,000 coupons, each coupon is worth 40EGP, to promote dialogue between migrants and their host community. Location: Beit El-Eala (6 of October, Cairo) Join us to welcome migrants in Egypt! This Clickfunding campaign will provide 1,000 coupons, worth of 40EGP each, to 1,000 persons. Half of them are migrants, and the other half are members of the welcoming host community. But before they can cash their coupons, they will need to meet their counterparts (either a migrant or a member of the welcoming community), get to know them and take a selfie together. The campaign aims to promote dialogue between migrants and the community where they reside. It also aims to revitalize local businesses within this same community through increasing the purchasing power in the neighborhood. Migrants are a strength: Join us in this campaign and spread peace and mutual understanding all over the world! Target: 100,000 points Impact: 1,000 coupons worth 40EGP 1 view = 1 point (0.5EGP) 1 like = 2 points (1EGP) 1 share/retweet = 3 points (1.5EGP) 1 comment= 5 points (2.5EGP)

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