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1,000 water connections in Sohag, Minya and Beni Suef


For 1,5 milion points, 1,000 water connections will be implemented through UNICEF Egypt

Target : 1,5 million points
Impact: 1,000 water connections in Upper Egypt UNICEF

Egypt is using the Clickfunding model to provide 1,000 water connections to households in Upper Egypt. In Egypt, around 7 million people do not have access to water. We can change this, now! If we get 1.5 million points for this campaign, we will connect 1,000 families to clean water resources. This is Clickfunding: you click, you fund! Thanks to our sponsors, we have raised enough money to connect 1,000 families to safe water.
Clickfunding provides sponsors with visibility on their good actions, and in exchange to that, sponsors pay for the impact. This allows us to transform your clicks into real money. The sponsor pays for a positive impact, Instead of paying for a regular ad, and we do the promotion he needs! Today, by liking, sharing, tweeting or leaving a comment we contribute to provide water to 1,000 families.
For this campaign target is 1.5 million points to provide water access to 1,000 families. We need your help, and here is how: 1 view gives 1 point 1 like or favorite gives 2 points 1 share/retweet gives 3 points 1 comment gives 5 points Supporting the cause (sharing this page) provides 10 points You can also donate points by registering on our website and interacting with the campaign. Any share, retweet or like will give you points that you can give back to the campaign. More about Water For Life: "Water For Life," is an initiative sponsored by Rotary Egypt with UNICEF and the Egyptian Holding Company for Water and Wastewater's involvement.
The goal is to bring clean, affordable and sustainable water to hundreds of households around Egypt. More about

Clickfunding is an Egyptian innovation that allows web users to contribute into projects with their web and social media engagement. It does not get any simpler than this; just by clicking, watching, and interacting on videos we produce to promote for projects or causes, web users can create concrete impact. It is game of matching projects and causes to sponsors, whom are willing to provide monetary assistance, in exchange to web visibility and then connecting the cause with social media enthusiasts. We simplify the game as much as we can in order to reach a win-win situation with a simple touch of the users’ fingertips.
Clickfunding is the fastest and easiest method to fundraise – through a single click! It offers web users the chance to contribute in social, environmental, or cultural causes, by watching and interacting on short videos or posts supporting these causes. Basically, it is your daily web routine, with a twist. Bassita lives up to its name; simple, and direct clicks to become effective methods to improve our societies. Clickfunding allows web users and sponsors join forces to satisfy community needs and improve social solidarity. You click, we fund. Awesome, right?

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