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A One Day Trip to the Farm for 30 Kids!


For 1,000 points 30 kids will be provided with a free trip to the farm

Target: 1,000 points Impact: A One Day Trip to the Farm for 30 Kids! We have heard that animals are not so happy in the so-called 'happy farm' so we have come here for the rescue! Animals long for fun, enthusiastic mornings, and a cheerful audience whom are eager to play. We couldn't find a better solution than to ask 30 kids to go there and put the animals out of their miseries. We are organizing an educational and exciting trip to the farm for 30 awesome kids. The trip's main goal is to educate children about farm animals and entertain them after a long month of mid-year exams! We believe the kids need a break and with your web engagement we can make this trip happen. Because this is a Clickfunding campaign; each time you you watch, like, share or comment on the video or social media posts we produce, you create points.1 view = 1 point ,1 like = 2 points, 1 share = 3 points, and 1 comment = 5 points. The target of the campaign is 1000 points. Once we reach the target we will organize the trip! How easy is that? Clickfunding allows you to become a contributor in social good causes without having to move an inch! We rely on web engagement to make beneficial causes go viral and hence attracting sponsors to fulfill them.

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