Why is the Red Sea red?

A trip to the sea for 30 amazing kids

Status: Achieved


Number of clicks: 30,000


Impact: A one day trip to the sea for 30 underprivileged kids


Have you ever wondered why is the Red Sea called 'red'? Why seawater is salty? Do fish sleep? We all did! And for those who wondered but did not know the answer, our campaign solved that.


There is nothing better than being the reason behind a child’s smile! Lucky for us we made 30 children ecstatic. This trip has got our social media fans all jealous, wishing they were below 15 again. 


Our awesome web community supported this cause by viewing, sharing, liking, and commenting on our campaign's one-minute video.  We were able to overreach our target and send 30 amazing kids to el-ein el-Sokhna for an exceptional day by the sea. We teamed up with Safarni to make that trip unforgettable. The kids spent an entertaining day by the sea and learnt about the marine life from the experts themselves, the fishermen.


Urban Toddlers Nursery and Pre-school in Zamalek provided the financial means to prepare this trip. From renting the beach house, to the snacks and toys.