What is Clickfunding?

What is Clickfunding? It's your social media usage with a twist!

Clickfunding is an Egyptian born innovation with a global vision of providing social media users with the simplest method of contributing to real change and development. Simply through the click of a mouse or tap of a screen, users can contribute to raising funds, the more interactions are made the more funds are allocated to an initiative. Too often the goodwill of social media users putting their passion for social issues on display is confused for ‘slacktivism’, or dismissed as just another attempt to raise awareness that doesn’t lead to anything. Clickfunding empowers those users wanting to make a difference, perhaps not knowing where to start, by giving their likes, shares, views, and comments real power.


Who else benefits from the Clickfunding?

The process is equally enticing for the private sector who function as sponsors for Clickfunding campaigns. Their involvement ensures them visibility amongst social media users, and highlights their commitment to positive causes.Starting from the user seeking to make an impact, to sponsors wanting their contributions to be noticed, all the way to individuals directly benefitting from the causes’ impact – all stakeholders benefit from the Clickfunding.Excuse the cliché but really everyone’s a winner, when a Clickfunding campaign reaches its target.And not just in the way you would hear in School when your team got last place.


Where is the model being used?

At the moment Clickfunding is based in Cairo and is being used exclusively in Egypt, however our goal is to make Clickfunding a worldwide model that can be implemented anywhere. The team at Bassita is not selfish enough to keep all the fun for themselves.


How do I follow up?

Clickfunding has its own set of technological and game-like tools!

The amount of points is easily accessible for everyone to see on the site’s progress bar. Each campaign has its own milestones that measure the progress of a campaign, and determine when sponsors will provide funding. For every milestone reached by the Clickers, even more impact is created as the sponsors provide more funds to fulfill positive actions for more people. Once the bar fills up to 100%, the celebrations can begin, as the sponsors will have provided the full sum of funds, and the cause will be completely delivered on!


Clickfunding achievments:

Clickfunding has been giving clicks superpowers since 2014, having succeeded its goals in 7 amazing campaigns since then. Most recently Clickfunding was used in the Water For Life campaign in partnership with UNICEF (United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund) to fund 1,000 water connections for people in Upper Egypt, lacking the basic human need for clean water access. Having surpassed its target for 1,500,000 clicks by over twice the amount, the campaign delivered on its promises. As with all Clickfunding campaigns it was through the dedication of the clickers, the generosity of our sponsors, and the implementing power of our partners that allowed this amazing feat to take place. For more on what has been achieved through Clickfunding see, Impact.