Warmer Winter

Status: Succeeded


Number of clicks: 960,000


Impact: 7,000 families supported

Thanks to hundreds of thousands of generous clickers, Bonok El Kheir were able to bring warmth to 7,000 families around Egypt this Winter season. Even in Egypt, winter can be a challenging time of the year, especially for those without the means to access basic resources that can make all the difference; warm clothing, food, and a well-enclosed place of shelter. For many underprivileged people around Egypt, such simple things can act as additional financial burdens that make the winter particularily tough. Through the Warmer Winter clickfunding campaign, Bonok El Kheir were able to raise the funds to deliver food, winter clothing, and shelter through delivery trucks to underprivileged families all around Egypt. 
With 7,000 families having recieved support through the campaign, Warmer Winter presents the largest amount of beneficiaries from one clickfunding campaign to date! This achievement also would not have been possible without the campaign sponsors: Coca-Cola, Edita, Banque Du Caire, and DHL who made sure that each of our clicks provided a source of funding for the campaign.