The Happy Farm!


Campaign Status: Achieved. 

Our target: 1000 points.

Our impact: a one-day trip to the farm for 100 people! 


Life is hectic and we surely do not take our kids out for fun activities anymore. Thanks to the interactions of the web users and the generosity of the farm owners, we have been abe to organize an eventful day for 100 people, where they got to learn all about planting tomatoes and vegetables, and recognizing when the produce is in its season. 

The goal of this campaign was to take families on an educational trip away from Cairo's noise, and according to the families' feedbacks on the trip, we have succeeded in getting their minds off of their routines for a while. 

Your clicks have made all the difference. Each action was made on the campaign's video or posts have helped us to reach our target faster.

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