No more white walls!

Supporting street art


Status: Failed (Sponsor did not respect his commitments)


Number of clicks: 10,000


Impact: A street art mural on the walls of Algiers

White walls are an insult to human creativity! Their blemish colour is only the result of mediocrity and lack of imagination. We are standing here, all together, to say no to white walls! We blame them responsible for the worst illnesses in the world – boredom and empty minds. White walls are indirect reasons of wars. Wars that generate because of the people’s unicolor visions.


The painter of the Pharaohs, Alaa Awad, does not like white walls. He transforms them into gigantic frescos where Mut and Anupet are fighting panthers. We found a white wall at the Ecole Polytechnique in Algiers, Algeria that needed Alaa's signature art., BeitRukh promised to help out fulfil the cause when the video reaches 3,000 views. Web users made their part of the deal by viewing, sharing, liking, and commenting on the video. Unfortunately, the sponsor did not do his. No more white walls was a campaign supporting art and culture exchange between Egypt and Algeria. Until now, the campaign remains unsuccessful and the cause is still unfulfilled.   


The artist, Alaa Awad, is passionate about the Egyptian mythology (Gods of war: Mut, Neith, and Gods of death: Osiris, Am-Heh, and Anupet) he uses iconography to create huge murals depicted on walls of capital neighbourhoods.


Each mural of his tells the tale of the particular street where it is located. His style is colourful, with powerful lines and confident rhythm aiming to reach out to as much onlookers as possible. Alaa’s work encourages people not to surrender to historical Amnesia or media propaganda. His work is a reflection of his political and social views.