Make A Space

Status: Achieved

Target: 50,000 points

Goal: Creation of a Makerspace in Suez to support innovation

'Make A Space' has achieved its goal of launching the first makerspace in Suez Egypt, Shamsia Space, thanks to the generosity of thousands of clickers around Egypt! The freedom to develop one's skills and ideas is invaluable, and a makerspace provides just that by giving youth and entrepreneurs a space where they can freely create using state of the art technological tools. This wouldn't have been possible without the campaign's gracious sponsor,  Arabian Cement Company, who funded the campaign in response to your views, likes, shares, and comments. 

We are particularly proud to say that 'Make A Space' is the first clickfunding campaign to provide funding for a startup's initiative, showing the many possibilities for impact through clickfunding. Thanks for supporting innovation!