''It's a Match!''


Status: Achieved

Target: 100,000 points

Goal: 1000 coupons, worth of EGP 40 each. 


''It's a Match!'' was able to creat new human connections between migrants and their host communities in 6th of October City. 

Web users have reacted actively with the campaign's video and posts. the video, featuring a fun cook-off between an Egyptian and Syrian chefs, has stressed  the importance of social solidarity between people of the same community.

We've received hundreds of positive comments supporting the campaign's goals and welcoming migrants into their new Egyptian communities. 

After two weeks of launching, our online campaign ‘’It’s a Match – Ta’arafo,’’ was able to reach its 100,000 points target. The online campaign is the first of its kind in Egypt and the MENA region to promote social cohesion between migrants and their host communities in Egypt.

The coupon game involved 1,000 participants, 500 Egyptians (holding the right half of the coupon) and 500 Syrians (holding the left half of the coupon), the game's mission is for the participants to connect with their counterparts to complete the coupon. Only then both participants can go together, cash the coupons and take a selfie just for the fun of it!

Each participant gets EGP 40 for cashing the coupon with his other 'match'.