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Warmer Winter is a unique Clickfunding campaign to provide 20,000 families with warm clothes, blankets, food and equipment!

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20,000 Families will be provided with warm clothes, blankets, food and equipment to build roofs through delivery trucks


For 2,5 million points, 20,000 families will be provided with warm clothes, blankets, food and equipment

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Warmer Winter

Status: Succeeded   Number of clicks: 960,000   Impact: 7,000 families supported Thanks to hundreds of thousands of generous clickers, Bonok El Kheir were able to bring warmth to 7,000 families around Egypt this Winter season. Even in Egypt, winter can be a challenging time of the year, especially for those without the means to access basic resources that can make all the differenc...

''Water for Life''

Internet clicks come with a cause in Egypt   Status: Succeeded   Number of clicks: 1,500,000   Impact: 1,000 Water Connections in Upper Egypt Al-Jendaya - Egyptian mother Aaz Menhom cups her hands under a running tap in her yard to let her young children Atef and Nada drink. "It's a blessing from God. I was bathing them once every four days, now t...

''It's a Match!''

  Status: Achieved Target: 100,000 points Goal: 1000 coupons, worth of EGP 40 each.    ''It's a Match!'' was able to creat new human connections between migrants and their host communities in 6th of October City.  Web users have reacted actively with the campaign's video and posts. the video, featuring a fun cook-off between an Egyptian and Syrian chefs, has stressed  the im...

The Happy Farm!

  Campaign Status: Achieved.  Our target: 1000 points. Our impact: a one-day trip to the farm for 100 people!    Life is hectic and we surely do not take our kids out for fun activities anymore. Thanks to the interactions of the web users and the generosity of the farm owners, we have been abe to organize an eventful day for 100 people, where they got to learn all about planting...

Why is the Red Sea red?

A trip to the sea for 30 amazing kids   Status: Achieved   Number of clicks: 30,000   Impact: A one day trip to the sea for 30 underprivileged kids   Have you ever wondered why is the Red Sea called 'red'? Why seawater is salty? Do fish sleep? We all did! And for those who wondered but did not know the answer, our campaign solved that.   There is nothing better t...

One Click, One Bike

Special campaign for the IMA Forum in Paris   Status: Achieved   Targeted number of clicks: 300   Impact: Bikes for an Eco-Friendly City   After being selected as one of the top three initiatives in the Arab World by Thinkers & Doers network, we were invited to Paris in January 2015 to pitch our model, the Clickfunding, to specialists and journalists at the Arab Wor...

No more white walls!

Supporting street art   Status: Failed (Sponsor did not respect his commitments)   Number of clicks: 10,000   Impact: A street art mural on the walls of Algiers White walls are an insult to human creativity! Their blemish colour is only the result of mediocrity and lack of imagination. We are standing here, all together, to say no to white walls! We blame them responsible...